Introducing Discover Map Search (beta)

Budgeting a taxi or Uber ride can be tricky. Assume you have $15 to spend on travel, and would like to know how far that can take you. Typically, you would enter a starting address and destination, and revise your search based on the estimated fare. If the destination is too far - putting you over your budget, you try one that is closer - hoping it keeps you within range. As of today, no more guesses. Our Discover map search will tell you precisely how far you can travel on a given budget, for the major car and taxi services. Simply enter your origin, select a service type (ie. UberX, Lyft Line, Yellow Taxi), and click "Discover".

Our estimates use real-time traffic data from Google in order to produce an accurate radius of how far you can travel.

Currently, the beta is limited to several dozen countries spanning North America and Europe (and in some cases limited to specific coverage zones within). Support for more countries and regions will be rolling out over the coming months.

Help us make this better for you and share your feedback with us.

Try Discover map search.